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Alumni Highlights

williams.jpgSuzanne Williams '13
Honors Student

"I like the Honors Program at Catawba because it has given me the opportunity to take classes that I would not normally take with other students who are just as motivated as I am about their education. Not only is everyone highly motivated, but each student also has a totally opinion about the topic that we may be discussing that day. I know that my professors expect great work from me; these high expectations and my fellow students are reasons that I work harder every day."

pantone.jpgMaura Pantone '13
Honors Student

"I like the Honors Program at Catawba College because it gives me a chance to have classes with students who are not only motivated to learn, but love learning. I am able to get so much more out of the honors classes than I would be able to get in a normal classroom environment. Also, the variety of classes offered in the Honors Program is great. There is a wide variety of different and unique types of classes available."

mcraeq.jpgQuinn McRae '12
Honors Graduate; Theatre Arts Major

"With Catawba's Honors Program, it's not about taking harder classes for the sake of taking harder classes. It's about interesting subjects and rare opportunities. In my second semester, I was studying the connections between the Harry Potter series and philosophy, religion, science, science fiction and everything else under the sun that can be communicated through literature. In the next semester, I studied food science, production, chemical properties, and cultural traditions. As fortune (or maybe just great planning) would have it, this class — Eating in the Arts and Sciences — required a culinary tour through Italy over spring break. All it takes is one class to realize that you do what you are driven to do in the honors program."

westbrook.jpgMackenzie Westbrook '12
Honors Graduate; Theatre Major

"I loved being involved in the Honors College because of the unique classes and the opportunities it offers. In only one year, I traveled abroad to Ireland with the Honors program and had an amazing time! I looked forward to my honors classes because I knew the teachers enjoy teaching them and the students were genuinely excited to learn and explore. The Honors College was a great experience for me so far and I cannot wait to see what it holds for the future."

mcrae.jpgZach McRae '12
Honors Graduate; Theatre Arts Major

"I so enjoyed my experience with the honors program, largely because in Catawba's program, an 'honors' course doesn't just mean higher level, it means broader on all levels. I learned in the course of a year, for example, the sociological and literary perspective behind the Harry Potter novel series, and the chemical, artistic and professional perspectives on food and eating. And thanks to the Foreign Study program, I got financial aid for required trips to Italy, London, or wherever a course took me."

robinson.jpgClaire Robinson '12
Honors Graduate; Theatre Major

"Coming from a small high school for gifted and talented students, I was thrilled to join Catawba's Honors program for my first year of college. The classes are unique and fascinating, the professors really care about their subjects and students, and your peers are just as excited and ready to talk as you are. Each class session is an unexpected experience — the discussion setting really allows for a wide variety of opinions to be expressed and forces you to stretch your brain and the boundaries of your thinking. The Honors program is absolutely one of the best things about Catawba."

srobinson.jpgSarah Robinson '12
Honors Graduate; Environmental Science Major

"There is nothing quite so deserving of the phrase 'well-rounded' on Catawba's campus as the Honors Program. It's full of students from many different majors and with a plethora of different interests. This is what makes classes in the Honors program so much fun and so different from any other class offered. Everyone not only wants to be in class but has a different outlook on the topic at hand."

smorse.jpgSarah Morse '12
Honors Graduate; Elementary Education (K-6) Major

"Honors! I loved the honors program because I got to take classes with people who are as interested and motivated as I am. We went on cool field trips — for instance, we went to the local planetarium for my First Year Seminar 'Native American Cultures' to learn about their star stories while 'actually' looking at the sky. Conversations in an honors class are always fast paced, intellectually interesting and will connect to a variety of topics. You might start talking about viruses and how they are transmitted along with potential for global pandemics and have zombies enter the conversation (is it a virus that changes them?). Honors classes always provide a variety of perspectives and a challenge!"

jimenez.jpgSteffanie Jimenez '11
Honors Graduate; Business Administration Major

"I found the Catawba College Honors program to be an academically stimulating experience. The interdisciplinary style of these classes gave me the opportunity to fulfill both graduation requirements and my desire to take interesting courses in which students have the opportunity to add to the discussion."

sfoster.jpgCarrrie Foster '11
Honors Student; Theatre Arts Major

"I love the honors program because of its strong support of multi-disciplinary education. The opportunity to take GREAT classes outside of my major is one I can never take for granted. Without that opportunity, I would spend all of my time focused on my major and never realized all of the other interests I have. Honors students are well-rounded intelligent individuals. It is rare to find a class full of students like that at any institution, but at Catawba, you can find that every day of the week."

baird.jpgAlexa Baird '11
Honors Graduate; Elementary Education Major

"The courses offered are so different and exciting. For example, my math course (Mathematics Across Cultures) has opened up my eyes to different cultures and how they live and perceive their daily lives. Honors keeps me motivated and constantly aware. The classes are exhilarating and mind-boggling at times, but that's the best part."

sloop.jpgElizabeth Sloop '11
Honors Graduate; Elementary Education Major

"The Honors Program has provided the opportunity to look at topics that appeal to me from a perspective I may not have thought of prior to the class. Combining this aspect of CHP along with being in a class full of people who are just as interested in a topic as you are sets up the class to truly learn something about that topic, and not just memorize information for the grade."

graham.jpgLauren Graham '10
Psychology Major, English Minor, Honors Graduate

"Each Honors course brought new challenges for me as a college student. I learned to persevere in times when I was not sure if I had the skills or knowledge to succeed. I entered into classes, such as DaVinci or DaChurch, lacking the ability to thoroughly analyze claims. I left classes with the knowledge and skills to analyze more effectively. The Honors Program has encouraged me to approach assignments and topics with creativity. Before entering college, I could not have imagined that I would one day be finding connections between religion and literature or mathematics and cultures. Now I find myself approaching topics and assignments from many different perspectives, which is a direct result of my experiences within the Honors Program. One aspect for me that has drastically changed while I have been a part of the program cannot be measured by a grade on a paper. I have gained a new level of confidence in knowing that my opinion matters, even if it differs from the majority. I am able to develop a more substantial argument and present my opinion with more confidence. My confidence is one quality that I will take with me in my future academic and professional careers. I am extremely grateful for the experiences I have had as a Catawba College Honors Program student. The Honors Program has allowed me to grow, not only as a student but as a person. I know my views and opinions will continue to evolve, and I have the Honors Program to thank for the evolution."

flebbe.jpgKevin Flebbe '10
Political Science Major, Honors Graduate

"All of my honors topics have the central theme of emphasizing place and time, and thus highlight the common goals of the liberal arts. Even though the disciplines of the course work ranged from mathematics to history, to English, sociology, chemistry, and so on, the connecting theme of time and place exemplifies the ways in which the Program's liberal arts goal interconnects the courses. Understanding time and place, and having the ability to adapt to and analyze its changes, will be the most important lesson that a program can instill. This idea cannot be stated in a lesson or a semester because there are far too many aspects to consider. However, analysis and adaptation can be taught through a program of unique learning experiences. In this way, the Honors Program has aided me in becoming a liberally educated individual who can manage complexity, diversity, and change."

mccullough.jpgKali McCullough '10
French Major, English Minor, Spanish Minor, Honors Graduate

"My experience in the Catawba College Honors Program has been a life-changing one. I have taken classes that have challenged and inspired me, and that were taught by professors whom I admire and in whom I see great passion for their work. I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and learn a great deal about myself in different contexts in each location. I have learned to examine subjects from the viewpoints of different disciplines in order to understand them most comprehensively. Finally, I have been able to track my progress through my Honors Portfolio, which illustrates to me the great changes I have undergone and the drastic changes from the person I was as a freshman to the woman I am today. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities the CHP has offered me as a student, and I am forever grateful for these experiences having changed my life."

sharp.jpgThomas Sharp '10
History Major, German Minor, Member of the Honors Program

"The honors courses I have taken have been more interesting, more challenging, and more informative than the other courses. Fundamentally, honors classes are different in dynamic from non-honors classes: they are generally filled with students who are really interested in learning. In lecture, professors treat subjects at higher levels and can do so because students' interests will ensure they keep up; in discussion, insightful students who grasp the subject matter can elucidate it and pose provoking questions. In general, Honors courses have given me more subjects to be curious about and to research later."

malanga.jpgVanessa Malanga '10
Musical Theatre Major, Honors Graduate

"Due to the personable and passionate instructors of the College Honor's Program, who offer student consumers literacy as a celebration of life, I have experienced four full years of continued higher-level and unusual studies to attain my bachelor's degree. This education includes studying the Blues when visiting Graceland as a first-semester freshman, residing in England as a fall-semester sophomore while traveling and touring eight countries, analyzing the Harry Potter series as a fall-term junior, and, presently, learning to cook in Tuscany as a spring-semester senior. The Honors curriculum espouses a connected nature toward an equitable, well-rounded education in which the voices of teacher and student may be indistinguishable from each other, blending harmoniously. Student control, direction, and governance offers to create ownership and empowerment, permitting students' perspective of life to deepen and mature when asking questions of the world. Most importantly, Honors students become lifelong learners and continue the quest to understand. The Honors curriculum bestows this ultimate pursuit upon undergraduates. "

chinnis.jpgRebecca Chinnis '10
Business Administration (Accounting) Major, English Minor, Honors Graduate

"The Catawba Honors Program truly made me creative, rigorous, and well-rounded. I took classes in subjects I had never thought about before entering college. I had classmates who cared about the class as much as I did because we all clamored to be in that class, sometimes even facing waiting lists. The professors cared about the topics they taught and made me care too. When I look back on Rebecca Chinnis as a freshman in college, I hardly recognize her because I have grown so much as a student. I never thought I would complete a thesis, yet now that it is almost over, I wonder why I was so daunted. My friends not in the CHP or not completing a thesis have asked me why I put myself through the stress of it. They are taking twelve hours and spending their free time playing video games, and I spent days in the library when they were out playing Frisbee.. However, being in the CHP held to me a higher standard than other students. As a result of the CHP, I consider myself a more scholarly person than the average student, and I valued every minute of it."

petersen.jpgCyle Petersen '10
Political Science Major, Honors Graduate

"Were it not for the CHP, I feel that my experience at Catawba College, and college in general, may have been shortchanged. After all, the purpose of obtaining a college education is just that: to become educated. Being “educated” to me means broadening one's horizons and attempting to learn about topics that are new, stimulating, and challenging, not simply reiterating one's own interests and prior knowledge by repeating topics over and over again. By this definition, I have to give the CHP a pass with flying colors by satisfying the expectations I had of becoming an “educated” person. The education I have received thanks to the CHP has, I believe, surpassed that of most other students at Catawba because I have studied with more creativity, rigor, and varied perspectives than non-Honors students. In addition, the amount of quality work that I have produced compared to other students at Catawba College exemplifies the exceptionally high standards of the CHP. The work I speak of is highlighted by my Honors thesis, which tackles one specific issue from historical, political, economic, legal, and environmental perspectives. Without the experience in applying multiple disciplines to topics that I fostered throughout my time in the CHP, I don't believe that I would have had the aptitude to write a thesis with such a multidisciplinary foundation."

hill.jpgKatie Hill '10
History Major, Political Science Minor, Honors Graduate

"Though I felt as a freshman that I already demonstrated the qualities of a liberally educated person, my experiences in the Honors Program taught me that the process is never ending. The innovative classes I participated in gave me the opportunity to develop these traits. I may not have perfected each quality, but thanks to exciting curriculum, enthusiastic professors, and challenging assignments, I will leave Catawba as a better listener, reader, speaker, writer, puzzle solver, who humbly understands her connection to the world and will continue to rigorously pursue wisdom. Through the Honors Program I studied the superhero psyche, found math in art, and listened for musical trends in films. I travelled abroad and returned to Salisbury even more eager to learn. After writing and defending a thesis, I feel as though I have truly acquired the liberal arts education Catawba promised me."

spidell.jpgMegan Spidell '09
Political Science (Pre-Law) Major, Business Administration Minor; Honors Graduate

"My honors classes have helped me to realize to the full potential my talents and skills as a student. Through travel to various places, whether taking a walking tour of Salisbury, climbing the mountain to Monticello, or hopping on a plane to Italy, the travel components of the courses have allowed me and others to widen our cultural perspectives and our educations at home and abroad. Through travel, I have learned much about United States as well as Italian histories and cultures. I have witnessed the effects of suburbanization on Salisbury, slavery in Virginia, and even war in Italy. These opportunities would not have been possible without the Honors Program."

kenish.jpgJared Kenish '09
Theatre Arts Major; Dance Minor; Honors Graduate

"Each course had a unique topic which was the main focus throughout the semester. As a class, we wouldn't just brush briefly on several different topics, but we would select a few diverse topics and study those in-depth with lots of time and thought put into it ... allowing room for what was learned during the semester to be put into perspective. The honors courses I took were fun, different, and invigorating."

foster.jpgElizabeth (Betsy) Foster '09
Theatre Arts Major; Honors Graduate

"I have found in my years at Catawba that the Honors Program is what has helped to make sense of my time here. It has helped to decode the richest path to my destination. Honors courses excited me in a way no other classes offered at the college did. Each semester I found myself rearranging my schedule to fit one of the courses in, not to mention how difficult it was to choose between the courses. I always felt that there was a great deal of thought put into creating interesting course topics that would offer the students in the program something that hadn't been offered before. These are the classes that made it easy and exciting to wake up and go to class. These are the classes that stimulated discussion for the rest of the day. I felt as if every day I had been given another gift; something else that I could add to my collection of academic treasures and apply to all my other coursework and theatre work. The courses I took continually challenged my set system of beliefs and pushed me to think about big ideas from a different perspective."

pergerson.jpgKatrina Pergerson '09
Biology Major; Head of Honors Council; Honors Graduate

"Understanding and appreciating the liberal arts is much like learning to paint. Before college you are part of a classroom environment which focuses on a singular discipline and bestows upon its pupils the tools necessary to comprehend said subject. Therefore prior to college, students, in essence, learn to 'paint by number.' They are given the fundamental colors along with a preplanned picture and are expected to use those colors by matching them with their corresponding numbers. This creates a basic and acceptable work of art or primary education. However, when you decide to envelop yourself in a liberal arts degree it becomes much more complicated. By the time I entered Catawba I had mastered this art of painting by number. I was ready to move on by furthering my education and knowledge in hopes of broadening my horizons. This is the foremost reason I made the commitment to pursue the College Honors Program. It seemed like the perfect mechanism for challenging my collegiate experience in an instructional and edifying manner. To say that I miscalculated would be the understatement of this century. Suddenly I was handed a blank canvas, a palate of essential colors, and a couple of paintbrushes with which to create my future. That freedom is what made participating in the Honors Program one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my college career."

hoffman.jpgEmily Hoffman '09
Sociology Major; Spanish Minor; Business Administration Minor; Head of Honors Council; Honors Graduate

"The Honors Program made me realize how much a liberal arts education has impacted me. I had grasped the importance of taking classes in various fields at a surface level but I did not realize how much deeper being liberally educated is. I have come to realize that having a liberal arts education does not simply mean taking courses that would help me know more about the world around me; it means wanting to know more about the world around me. The benefit of a liberal arts education is knowing that there is a world that I am connected to and knowing that the more I know about it, the better it will be. I came to this realization gradually after taking several honors classes. I have also realized that caring about the experience is actually what the College Honors Program is about. While scholarship and academic rigor are important components to the program, they are a means to an end. Scholarship and rigor are important because they enhance the learning process, not because they get you far in life."

roberts.jpgRachel Roberts '09
Environmental Science Major; Biology Minor; Honors Graduate

"I can identify several other factors outside the Honors Program that contributed to my growth as both a person and an environmental scientist, but overall, the Honors Program was an invaluable experience that allowed me to meet peers outside my major that I would otherwise not have known. The Honors Program also afforded me travel experience and asked me to meet challenges I otherwise would not have faced. The Honors Program pushed me to carry an extra workload by taking classes not required for my major, but as a result, I became a more well rounded person representative of a liberal arts education. When I stand back and look at the big picture, the Honors Program comprised only a few pieces in my college career, but omitting those experiences would leave large holes in the image. Most importantly, I have come away with a greater sense of my responsibilities and obligations to make the world a better place."

brogden.jpgKenzie Brogden '09
Sociology Major; History Minor; Spanish Minor; Honors Graduate

"As one of the lucky few privileged enough to take Honors courses, every semester instills in me this same Christmas tree excitement. Regardless of the rest of my class schedule, I take comfort in the fact that there will be that one class where I can express my individuality. There will be that one class that brings life to the way I think, challenging me to view the world through multiple perspectives. Moreover, there will be that one class at the beginning of a new semester that is titillating, stimulating, and fresh. From exploring math in art, to extracting alcohol from wine in food science, the College Honors Program at Catawba offers diverse courses in a plethora of academic subjects. With each passing semester the choices are varied, not giving special attention to a single discipline. In six courses I studied psychology, history, art, math, sociology, theatre, chemistry, and literature. While lessons obviously overlapped because of the liberal arts tradition, each Honors course was designed to add another layer to preexisting knowledge. Honors program courses have furnished me with a sense of inquisitiveness that will continue to follow the rest of my academic pursuits, and the rest of my life."

alston.jpgClaire Alston '09
Theatre Arts Major; English Minor; Honors Graduate

"The Honors Program has helped me define my own personal journey and acknowledge universal connections between people and between disciplines. It has done a variety of things for me. I am more confident academically and I feel more responsible as a student. I have a much stronger grasp on language mechanics thanks to the volume of academic writing I have created during my years here. My joy in learning has grown deeper and more meaningful. Consequently, the College Honors Program has strengthened me as a student, filled the liberal arts distinction with substance and brought fulfillment to my four years as an undergraduate. My comprehensive growth and the articulation of my identity relate to my participation in the Honors Program at Catawba College and I am excited to conclude my studies at Catawba by graduating with honors."

kanoy.jpgAmanda Kanoy '09
Psychology Major; Sociology Major; Honors Program Member

"I enjoyed being in the Honors Program because it gave me the chance to have diverse academic conversations with people, learn about things that I would never have thought about, and apply what I learned to issues outside the classroom. Nowhere else would I have had the opportunity to learn about the connections between discrimination and Darwin's Theory of Evolution, nor would I have been able to go to Philadelphia to see where Benjamin Franklin helped establish America. The trip made what I learned in class real and substantial. These and other experiences made my time in the Honors Program well worth the little extra effort the classes take."

rebadow.jpgKathleen Rebadow '08
Psychology Major; Honors Graduate

"Travel allowed for making concrete the things I had studied. Rather than just seeing a picture or trying to visualize things we discussed, we actually saw what we talked about in class. In my Rome class I viewed different buildings, sculptures, and paintings ... but having the opportunity to travel to Italy made everything much more special and real.”

thomson.jpgAileen Thomson '08
Political Science Major, Spanish Minor; Honors Graduate

"...the limits of my intellectual adventuring were often stretched by varying interpretations of events I thought I knew abou ... and discovering the many places in which the supposed line grays. I learned to look beyond what I though and believe, what I was used to, and to look at life differently. I feel that I have stored up all that learning about other worldviews, stretched my horizons, and have been challenged to think for myself.

Ketcham.jpgTara Ketcham '08
Religion & Philosophy Major; Honors Graduate

"...The classes are really interesting! Where else would we have a course called ‘Enlightened Kite Flying? Take a semester to learn so much about a house and why it was important to history? Be forced to think about how I present myself in every day life in theatrical terms? Combine evolution and racism in one course? The Program broadened my horizons and expanded my mind by encouraging me to think about subjects from many different perspectives using different disciplines. And they have encouraged me to examine myself and the world.”

jordan.jpgJon Jordan '08
Theatre Arts Major; Honors Graduate

"Not only does the Honors Program bring together students from various majors, it also brings together a wide range of faculty. I have ha the privilege of meeting professors who are among the best at Catawba; I've had combined courses taught by biology and sociology faculty and English and history faculty. These professors bring a unique viewpoint to class.”

Blaire Elder '08
History Major, Theatre Arts Minor; Honors Graduate

"Without the academic variety and intellectual challenge of honors, my years at Catawba would have been less productive. Because I acquitted a habit of growth and expansion, I will continue to learn and develop past my years as an undergraduate. The skills I practiced in honors will continue to be sharpened as I move on to graduate study and a career in academia.”

Sarah Koerner '08
Theatre Arts Major; Honors Graduate

"I have researched the strange and unimaginable ... faced things that were necessary to understand ... and discovered the beauty of the world thanks to a little bit of island paradise. I have also come to understand why people do the things they do and say the things they say. I have taken what I have learned to help hone my skills and better myself on the path that I have chosen.

lasris.jpgMichael Lasris '08
Musical Theatre Major; Honors Graduate

"All of courses had workloads that demanded elevated levels of thought from students. Likewise, they all maintained a high academic value and scholarly work. All required a creative-minded student to find a personal attachment to the topic. And, finally, all of the courses blended two disciplines into one uniquely-crafted topic of study. For example, my Biogeography and Literature of Islands course was fascinating. I learned the literary features of islands and scientific traits of island wildlife, and I discovered a literary voice inside of me. The class trip to Jamaica afforded the opportunity to journal, producing one of my strongest creative works. ...It was a liberating experience.”

kittle.jpgMeagan Kittle '08
English Major; Head of Honors Council of Students; Honors Graduate

"The travel broadened my learning experience from the classes I took, ensuring a more complete understanding the concepts. Certainly, the Sistine Chapel looks beautiful in a book, but there are no words to describe the moment when I stepped into the packed church for the first time. It's through hands-on experiences that the classes come alive. What an exciting moment, to realize that I had grasped another important concept that contributed to the puzzle I call my liberal arts education.”

Samuel Brooks '08
Theatre Arts Major; Honors Graduate

"My time in the College Honors Program has been truly invaluable. I have been fortunate to take classes that defied traditional education formats. I have been pushed to explore beyond the norm and look within myself to inspire personal and academic growth. The Honors Program, through its major tenets of multidisciplinary work, creativity, rigor, and scholarship has made me a much stronger, smarter, and much more well-rounded student.”

Jessica Taige '08
Musical Theatre Major; Honors Graduate

"The unique classes opened another world for me: through travel, I was engulfed by what was being studied in my classes; through different projects and papers I was able to analyze further the connection among history, sociology, science, and the arts. As a theater student, I can honestly say I have applied something I learned from everyone one of my honors classes to my work on the stage.”

hamilton.jpgVictoria Hamilton '07
English Major; Head of the Honors Council; Honors Graduate

"Class discussion and assignments enabled us to take charge and explore creative, multidisciplinary topics that interest us…the education is derived from the contemplation of the topics. The professors I worked with were the professors I have worked with have been provocative, talented and dynamic. I've gained more from my experiences in the Program than any other. I started keeping a journal for the trip with my Literary New Orleans course, and have kept one since, through the mountains of Appalachia, to Rome, Jamaica, and Provence. In training myself to face challenges and think at higher levels, I've become a stronger student and I've prepared myself for the new complications of thought and experience that I'll run into in the future.”

guenther.jpgAmy Guenther '07
Musical Theater Major; member of the Honors council of students; Honors Graduate

"The Program helped me articulate my interest in interdisciplinary studies, and fostered tremendous growth in considering the 'bigger picture' that encapsulates more than one discipline. I quickly learned in my first-year Honors classes that helped me grow later in all my classes. Little did I know how often Honors classes set forth huge, undefinable concepts … [helping me to] accept (and create) challenges to think outside the proverbial box. Looking at one subject from more than one angle provided me a lesson that subsequently influence all my studies, my travel, and how I viewed the world. I traveled to the Galapagos Islands with my Birds: Evolution and Imagine class, to Tokyo after Asian Cinema, and to Provence after a course in Travel and Travel Writing. I can now better assimilate cultural, historical, and political facts in an effort give me a better understanding of the places I visit."

ebersol.jpgLauren Ebersole '07
Political Science Major and Honors Graduate

"…I was initially attracted to the Program for its interesting and challenging courses and the opportunities for travel. After four years, seven courses, two trips, and a senior thesis, the Program has proven to be an important component of my overall education at Catawba College. One of the most beneficial aspects was the team-taught classes; it was exciting to see the relationships between professors and their teaching styles. The professors have been enthusiastic about their courses, fostering an atmosphere where students want to learn. And by having instruction from multiple perspectives I learned to take that approach in my traditional courses. The Program has helped me realize the benefits of a liberal arts education, of looking at the world from more than one perspective."

Caitlin Heinen '07
Theatre Arts Major and Honors Graduate

"My love of both interdisciplinary study and travel were both realized in my honors courses. I've enjoyed learning to make connections between seemingly-different fields of study, and this approach has made me a more well-rounded person able to make connections and more informed decisions. Traveling has given me a world perspective was impossible for me to get by staying safe at home. I went to Japan with a professor who knew Japanese, studied — and saw — Literary New Orleans, wrote in Provence, studied science as it should be learned on a beach in Jamaica, and workshopped a play on an isolated farm in Estonia as part of my senior thesis.”

Laura Lawrence '05
Religion & Philosophy and Honors Graduate

{my honors experience} "helped me to appreciate better a world rich and replete with knowledge, experience, and innumerable possibilities ... this kind of appreciation only grows when our world view is challenged"

Katharine Phelps '05
History and Honors Graduate

"In addition to its interdisciplinary lessons, the Honors Program has connected me with faculty and students who have continued to challenge me both in and out of the classroom. My class bonded like no other I have been in before. We attended plays and watched films outside of class, and continued to get together after the class ended. The dynamics of the two professors and their different perspectives complemented the course."

Sean Bloom '05
Environmental Science and Honors Graduate

"I discovered a love of travel that I will pursue more after graduation, and I got to glimpse another culture, which made me realize that our way is not the only way, or the best way. Because of my travels, I can look at the world more objectively than before. I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity to enrich myself ... with my studies in the Honors Program. My travels, papers, discussions, and unique experiences have made me a better student and a better person"

Benjamin Caggiano '05
Philosophy and Honors Graduate

"A trip to the region I was studying gave me insight into the culture and way of life that couldn't be grasped reading novels or watching films. Many authors spoke of a beauty of the region which I could never appreciate until I walked through those mountains myself..."

Stephanie Brendel '05
English Education and Honors Graduate

"There if no way to measure how much I learned from my professors and classmates through discussion, lecture, and travel. I even had the opportunity to learn more about myself as a student and as an individual..."

Jennie Lee Rosamond '04
English and Honors Graduate

"There is no way I can properly be thankful for my Honors experiences, other than by living the life path I've been set on as a curious individual and a world traveler."

Joy Brandli '04
Spanish and Honors Graduate

"It wasn't one class, one professor, or even one trip, but the combination and diversity of the many professors, classes, and trips impacted me more than anything else. I feel passionately about the Honors Program and what it stands for. I love learning, and this program provided me an outlet for that passion. Thank you. It changed my life."